Multi Pack Compatible Epson 18XL / T1816 Black & Colour High Capacity Ink Cartridges



18XL /T1816 multi pack contains one of each of the compatible cartridges in a 4 pack  

Epson 18XL T1811  compatible black ink cartridge 1x
Epson  18XL T1812 compatible cyan ink cartridge 1x
Epson 18XL T1813  compatible magenta ink cartridge 1x
Epson 18XL T1814   compatible yellow ink cartridge 1x

  Compatible Epson 18XL Multipack T1816 Ink Cartridges

  will Work on the following  Epson Printers

 Epson 18XL Series T1811 - T1814  

 XP-102   XP-202   XP-205   XP-30   XP-302   XP-305  

 XP-402   XP-405   XP-212   XP-215   XP-312   XP-315  

 XP-405WH    XP-412   XP-415   XP-425   XP-422   XP-325  

XP-322 Ink   XP-225 Ink   XP-413   XP-313