4pcs RED Fireglow Bayonet Cap B22 Eveready 40 Watt Bulbs / Lamps


  Fire glow 40W BC B22 Eveready   Red Lamp /Bulb GLS (G3).

These Incandescent GLS Fireglow Light Bulb Large Bayonet Cap push fit (B22) from Eveready
are ideal for Brooders,Incubators, Flame effect electric fires, and decorations

Providing a warm red glow, these bulbs are manufactured to a high standard by Eveready
and are trusted for their bulb longtivity and
dependable components. These bulbs will light up your home and
prove incredibly cost-effective with a 1000 hour estimated life.

product informatiom

input voltage=220v-240v /50Hz
Cap Fitting Type: B22 Bayonet
light ouput =150 Lumens
Rated Wattage (W): 40W
Bulb life =1000 hours

What you Get
4pcs Red fire glow Lamps/Bulbs 40watts